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Monday, August 31, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

Today was hell!! I just had a huge fight with my husband whom im ready to leave at this point. Im so tired and stressed, I was watching tv and he pulls a chair up, plops it in front of the tv and turns on a video game, im like WTF!! I calmly said you could have at least asked if i was watching that, He gets all huffy and says you werent watching it cuz your on the phone and computer, i said first off im not on phone (just had my bluetooth in) secondly, i was just browsing web trying to find where boars head deli meats are sold in my area (never did find out). Anywho as i told him, none of that matters, you could have just asked, anyways it turned into yet another massive fight. I think while i was really overweight, i didn't have a voice, i allowed so many things, essentially i became invisible, now im fighting to be seen again. needless to say, it put me off my feed.. my calories for the day topped out at 978!! Thats bad and i know it sigh but at this point its almost midnight so i guess it will be what it will be.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ sprinkle of shredded cheese, 2 pieces of wheat toast w/sugar free jelly

Lunch: (2 sandwhiches)6 oz deitz n watson lite turkey breast, 4 slices of lite wheat bread, 2 tblspns miricle whip, lettuce n 2 slices of cheese. and huge salad, baby spinich and romaine, lil shredded cheese and lite dressing.

Snack: 1/2 pound of grapes (total through out day snacking on them)

Dinner: fight "0" calories... but good for another 5 pounds of stress weight!!

Guess its a good thing i was hungry enough for 2 sandwhiches at lunch or i would be under the 500 calories mark!! I did walk today though, this morning and after the fight. 2 miles in a.m. and 3 miles in p.m. Im going to bed.. ugh!!

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