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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fat and pissed off about it!!

I just don"t understand it!! I'm doing everything right, or so i thought and i still gained!! I was down to 246 and now im back up to 255. It pisses me off, here i am busting my ass 4 days a week in the gym, walking 2 times a day, living on grilled chicken breasts, protien shakes, lettuce and massive amounts of fruit. While the heffer sitting next to me can shovel, ding dongs, ho ho's and pizza by the boatload and not gain an ounce!! and NO she doesn't exercise. People like that annoy me because if i eat 1 candy bar (which i haven't in a year) They look down upon me as if ive just commited a sin akin to murder and utter words such as "no wonder she's fat". Im tired, im tired of busting my ass and for what?? So i can be acceptable to who?? If there are any perpetually skinny people reading this, Thank your God that you are blessed with a size 2 no matter what you do, because there are some, who even if they never ate another bite would probably gain 10 pounds just smelling something you eat. Yes at this moment im bitter and frustrated. It may only be 9 pounds to some, but when you have more than 50 lbs. to lose, and you've done everything you know to do. Where else is there to go?

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