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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new perspective

I've just gotten back in from church and im feeling better now. I just needed to get a little perspective "sigh" Im down 130 pounds in a little over a year and 80 of it in just 8 months and i did it by hard work and a change in habits and thats nothing to sneeze at.  Funny thing about losing a lot of weight, when i look in the mirror, i see that 385 pound girl. In my mind theres no difference between 385, 285 and im now suspecting 185 in my mind. I just need to realize Im going to have ups and downs, i guess. This is a lifestyle change, i dont believe in diets, thing about diets is, they end. When that's over with and you go back the same old thing, boom here comes the same old pounds,, with friends to boot!!  

Breakfast: 4 oz piece of steak and 2 eggs w/ 1 slice cheese and 2 pieces of  light wheat toast w/sugar free jelly and 4 0z of oj.

Lunch: banana and turkey burger on 2 slices of light wheat bread

Dinner: 4 oz of steak, bowl of oatmeal (i know weird huh)

Snack: a banana..

Total calories according to spark is...1457

Soon as i figure this blogging thing out (help!!!) Im gonna have a section where i post workouts and show food and maybe if i have the courage,, dare i say it!! Pictures!! anyone who wants to help me accomplish this please feel free to contact me and let me know.

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