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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fat,Depressed, longwinded and starting over

Well, i'm new to this whole blogging thing, a friend of mine told me about it but i was like where do you start? I figured to just jump in better late than never right?? I've never blogged before (ok so im repeating myself already) so i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do but i guess i'll just ramble a little about me and if you choose, follow along!! If not,, i hear there's a red "x" somewhere to the top right and if you hit it, i'll disappear. (grin).

Anywho as i believe i mentioned before, i'm 39 yrs. old, I have 2 children, a son whom i'll call "V" who's 11, and a daughter whom i'll call "Q" who's, horror of all horrors, 16 going on 32 with a responsibility level of 7. sigh. When my daughter was born, i started gaining weight, slowly at first, i started at about 190 or so, which wasn't bad on my 5 foot 9 frame, that inched till i said, it's ok long as i don't go above 200, then it was, as long as i don't go over 250, etc: etc:, you get the picture... Anyways, 5 yrs later, i had my son, i had severe depression and within 1 month of having him was diagnosed bi-polar. I spent 11 yrs, literally doped up, barely able to move off the couch, weeping all the time, going from medication to medication, packing on the pounds, which depressed me more, hiding in my car to eat when i went out, thinking everyone was looking at me and thinking to themselves how disgusting i was!! I mean how could they not! when i caught sight of myself that's what i thought!! then one day i got a godsend, my doctor had to leave (i've had several) and this new doctor actually took the time to say,, you know what, you've been on everything and nothings working and my god what are you doing on such a hi dose of this medication!! it has a side effect of weight gain and diabetes it's a wonder you could get up and leave the house. Let's wean you off and start all over.

At this point i had given up so i didn't care. I got weighed, which was a chore since my doctors scale only went to 300 and i had left that behind long ago!! So i bought a scale that went up to 400 pounds and prayed. I was 385.. hmmm well i guess my prayer was answered, it did weigh me but maybe i shoulda got a scale with a lower weight and prayed the same thing lol. So she pored over my 11 yrs of records and notes and while weaning had asked me to walk once a week, and to have blood work done, sigh.. blood work came back diabetic, BUT i discovered i was feeling a little better from the weaning AND i noticed i was dropping a couple pounds. hmmmm.... ok so i'm diabetic, i'm deathly afraid of needles, so i said ok, i'm cutting EVERYTHING with sugar and i did. cold turkey, no more snickers, no more Reese's sticks, no more pepsi!!! well regular pepsi anyways. I also noticed i started dropping more a little faster, (diabetes can be a blessing, in my case it is).....

So i'm finally at this point completely off antidepressants, and feeling good mentally,,sort of, the weight, well i was still about 350 pounds and some of you KNOW the feeling of that, the humiliation of having to ride the bus and no one wants to sit next to you,, feeling like no matter what you eat your being judged, unable to fit "skinny people" clothes in the normal store and when you do find clothes, they always have flowers all over them, what the hell is that about?? and are polyester blend, unfashionable and have the nerve to cost a zillion dollars!! Lord to be able to buy a shirt for 10 bucks that doesn't have a print!! Let the larger choir say amen!!

where was i?? o yeah.. i was about 350 and off the anti drugs, and my therapist concludes,, why they didn't treat you as post partum depressed i'll never know, but your not bi-polar, depressed probably yes, i mean for goodness sake, of course i'm depressed!! ugh.. so we embark on regular talk therapy which has done wonders for me!! I highly recommend it!! nothing like someone impartial to vent to. Someone on your side all the time,, lets just overlook the fact were paying them to be on our side and take what we can get when we get it!! ok back to the weight loss it's getting onto the winter months now and i was walking on an outdoor track. I liked it because it was private and i was loath to walk in my own neighborhood for fear of ooglers and gawkers, so i was nervous because i didn't know what i was going to do. I was afraid to join a co ed gym, plus i'm broke, and i didn't know what to do, i had a girlfriend who at a petite 270 wanted to lose some weight, talked me into joining the local ymca.

Now you already KNOW how i felt about a co-ed gym, but i was feeling pretty good and they had income based fee and walking in the snow and ice was NOT an option...so i figured i could find their slow time and just walk on the treadmill. We joined Jan 2,2009, and little was i to know, there i found my godsend and drill sargeant, Tish. They were running a 'biggest loser" thing for the new yr, i didn't want to join, but pressure from my friend, a 15 dollar fee and free personal training for the 2 months of the contest with the trainer of your choice, how could i NOT take advantage of that!!

On January, 2,2009, i weighed in for the contest at 334. Hmm id lost 50 pounds just by walking and diet change it seemed within 4 months or so, i was feeling optimistic, i didn't want to win mind you because the winner got their picture posted in the gym for all to see.. I mean the 3 months free and tshirt woulda been nice; and another 3 personal training sessions, but that whole picture thing.. i just was not feeling it,, if you get my drift.. i did work hard though, i continued walking, and Tish required i come to the gym for training 3 times a week. She had me add a protein shake and things were going good. too good, did i mention i have arthritis in both knees, had surgery on the right one (meniscus tear) and now the left one was hurting AND my right foot, i go to the doctor and turns out, i need surgery on my right foot, and on my left knee!! (another meniscus tear!) i decided to wait until close to end of the challenge and have the surgeries one after another. I had the foot surgery and was still going to the gym,, doing elliptical with a pin that went from tip of my baby toe to middle of my foot to hold it straight!! It was gross now that i think back on it.

Lo and behold!! I won the challenge,, i weighed in at 304 on march 1st,2009, i won 3 months membership, a tshirt, an awful picture on the wall, and lost a friend, who over the course of the 2 months lost only 5 pounds compared to my 30 and felt i had somehow "changed" and we were supposed to be doing it together(as if i left her behind), as if i made her eat zingers and cold stone ice cream and xtra large portions of chicken fingers and french fries, while i sat next to her and suffered through dry chicken breast on wheat and broccoli!!(shudders). sighhh... anyway (boy i say that a lot!!), i digress,

This is getting long for a first post but i did want to fill you in as much as i could think of, I hate stories that begin in the middle, they leave you with so many questions!! but ask away and if i can or choose i'll answer them, i'll talk more about my past journey as well as my thoughts and day to day stuff, as you can see i'm a rambler.. so much to say and so little time to say it,, anyways, i'm sure your dying to hear about my time at a diet website and the wonderful friends i made there, and more about the friend who ditched me because i'm losing more than her, my trainer Tish, my kids, my money and weight problems, my reentry into school and various other facets of my boring poor life.

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  1. Well good thing you got to blogging. I stumbled upon your blog from "in weigh over my head" and am so looking forward to reading about your journey.