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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Has anyone seen my extra hours??

Man o man,i need more hours in a day!! I'm having a bad week, i get up 6 for to have breakfast for school, go to school, from school to gym, at the gym my trainer talks me into joining the biggest loser,, because apparently i need to defend my title.. sigh.. ok when i did first one, i was 334, going from sedentary to moving, fat fell away like well, hot fat lmaoo... Now its more like taffy,, it stretches till you thoink its gonna break the BAM!! it snaps back again!! So im on a gain/plateau and weight loss challenge is not hi on my prioritys,, but i do it anyways,, then she damn near kills me.. i mean whats a fat girl with 2 knee surgerys and arthritis doing at 3.9 on a treadmill at an incline!!! One of us is gonna die during this challenge i just know it..
next i have to pick up hubby because he got off early and with 1 car, im now 3 hours late (notice i didnt mention lunch sigh... i have a girlfriend with me so i pick him up, we drop her off, go to grocery store, cash his pitiful check thats 500 less than what we need to live, go to the bank, then home.. ahhh blessed home, a sandwhich, and large salad and i can relax right??

NOT!!!! my daughter informs me they need me in the mass choir,, so im on my way to the church, trying to do homework and sing "yet praise him" ironic isnt it?? I thought so to.. then my daughter twists her knee (its 9 pm by this time) and so off to the emergency room we go. We get there and its like a friday night at the club and topless women are a special or something.. Im like wth!! its a childrens hospital so i pull up a chair the size of only 1 of my ass cheeks and sit at a table i could wear as a bib if i had straps for it and attempt to do my homework.. sighhh 3 hours later!! She STILL hasnt been seen!! I call my husband and yell SWITCHHH!! so he came and got me and is sitting there with her while i came home,, alas sleep is elusive and no point seeing as how when theyre done, guess who gets to go get them?? that would be me,, who also has to get up at 5:45 to get in the 2 miles i didn't get in today...

Tomorrow im packing a lunch!! my food for today was dismal to say the least.. Im probably one of the few people on earth who packs on pounds from bieng to busy to eat.. ever hear the term fat anorexic??

Breakfast: 2 pieces french toast, 2 oz turkey sausage

Lunch?: Turkey sandwhich on lite wheat,(2 slices lite wheat,1 slice 2%cheese,miricle whip, lettuce)  large salad (lots of baby spinich and romaine mix, toouch of shredded cheese and lite dressing)..yeah i know but i was tired and it was quickest..

Dinner:ummmm not happenin...

pre and post workout protien shakes..(just powder and water)

Snack: 2 bananas and some grapes

well im going to close my eyes as im sure the moment i do that the phone will ring and they'll say theyre ready.. until tomorrows fresh hell
hugs, blessings and xtra hours all around...

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  1. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Hang in there doesn't sound like it could get any worse. *hugs*