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Friday, September 11, 2009

Weight loss tips that help me along the way

Hey everyone, Last night as i was browsing blogs on my list while i had a few moments. I stopped by "less of Lisa's" page (check my bloglist on right) It really inspires me because i identify with her and her struggles. I don't necessarily binge, I just ate awful in general and was a closet eatter But i do understand a lot of her pain and frustration over the weight,Frustration with trying things that don't work, Life wanting to beat you down every step of the way, Im sure so many of us understand that, our struggles are basically the same. after reading it, and thinking about my journey and my girlfriends journey (see the blog "fixing myself thinner" also on the right) it inspired me to write a list of sorts of things and mental atitudes that really helped me along the way.

1. I stopped thinking diet, i figured i'd just do the best i could and the hell with the rest. Sometimes we get all excited and want it off right now, we bite off more than we can chew and at the first mistake we give up as too hard.

2. I decided to move a little more, 1 step at a time, instead of yelling for the kids to get the remote, i got up myself and got it.

3. there's no such thing as too little, it ALL add's up and matters. If i eat a whopper and throw away the last bite, or break a tiny piece off first n toss it(cause we know the last bite is ALWAYS the best) it matters!! Just think if i eat a whopper 3 days a week and toss 1 bite of it each time, in a month, ill have saved over 1000 calories.. thats 1000 calories that aren't stuck to my thighs right?

4.If i wanted it, i ate it but the rule was i had to make 1 change to it. If i normally got ice cream with whipped cream, and nuts and hot fudge, I got rid of the nuts. Or if i normally ate 12 wings, i would try and eat 11, if i couldn't, id at least remove the skin like i said NOTHING is to small,

5. If your obbsessed with adding calories, do it backwards, count all the calories you DON'T eat, like if u don't finish a meal, or actually decide u dont feel like those chips. As those calories add up,, you'll begin to want to add to them,, make the number bigger!! I swear it works lol. (for a while anyways

6. Never tell yourself you have to stop eatting anything!! If you do decide to drop things, do it 1 at a time, slowly!! I gave up regular soda first. I started trying different brands of diet, just to see and discovered although i loved pepsi and hated coke, i liked diet coke. go figure, so i occassionally subbed 1 for the other and eventually i wasn't drinking pepsi anymore.

7.ADD BREAKFAST!! even if it's just a piece of toast.

There are more tiny steps that lead to big steps and i'll add them as they occur to me. I think the important thing to remember is, give yourself credit, it's ok to mess up, just don't give up on yourself, you ARE worthy of having everything you desire, you ARE going to have ups and downs like everyone else, you ARE going to have days where you say, to hell with this. you ARE allowed!! It's the beating yourself up that takes time, energy and ultimately makes things worse. STOP THAT!!

Ok, climbs down off my soapbox n gets ready for school.

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