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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun day and Pictures?? Should I??

Hey there, Today is a much better day than yesterday. It started a lil rocky i admit,, i wasnt hungry and had to force myself to eat, finally i had a bowl of multigrain cheerios. yay!! and my 32 oz of water first thing in the morning.. I got to school and hit the library and got some awesome diabetic cookbooks.. I figured on staying to myself and brooding for the day but that was not to be..

My instructor cassie is one of those little perky people who are like rays of sunshine ALLLLLL the darn time!! Even at 7 in the morning ugh!! anyways she decided we would do "ice breakers" in class today.. Those are "get to know everyone" type of games. Now my class ages range from about 21 to i'll say 50ish (im not sure how old she really is but im sure its around there.. anywho, were all adults.. )

Now the first one was a game where we had to close our eyes,, then cassie went around and whispered numbers in everyones ear.. (there were 17 of us) then we had to line ourselves up in order, 1 to 17.. with our eyes CLOSED and NO talking.. picture it,, a roomful of grown ass people wandering around a room with eyes closed trying to line themselves up in order.. i almost peed myself it was so funny!! A guy named barry was walking around with his hands at chest level, making open n closing motions.. we know this cuz the instructor goes.. ok no sexual harrassing,, barry im telling ur wife.. then there was this one really clumsy 6 foot woman who kept stepping on peoples feet,, hitting the chalk board and somehow ended up in the hallway lmaooo..did i mention the door was closed??  meanwhile about 7 people went past me and lined up but im number 3!!! then lee whos about 4 foot 2 was practically getting an indecent pat down from the over 50 yr old woman who couldnt tell if she was a person or not.. mann i still get tears just thinking about it.. That was the most fun ive had in such a long time...

second ice breaker was without talking,, we had to line ourselves up according to birthday, that was pretty funny to.. u would think grown chem majors would be able to make understandable number signs with thier fingers.. NOT!! lol that was kinda funny too.. again people kept trying to get behind me but i KNEW i had my position aced.. see my b day is new yrs eve lol.. the last day of the darn yr!! That was kinda fun also..

3rd one was just ok,, it was more a riddle,, we had to pass scissors and guess the rules.. complicated more so but interesting..

Day was shapin up ok, i wasnt even too bummed after we had the test.. I decided to face the gym so i went.. I talked to Tish (instructor) and even though im still bummed,, and my heart and mindset isnt the same as it was,, i'll continue to work out and just pray i begin to feel better.. I found a picture of me taken last yr at my heaviest.. 385.. in about apr i think.. and one taken on my b-day, dec 31 st,, about 5 days before i started working out in earnest i was 334,, i joined a biggest loser contest.. and 1 from in march at 303... where i won the biggest loser contest for losing 30 pounds in 2 months.. Still don't know how that happened.. maybe my workout journal will explain it.. my trainer works me!! I will get around to blogging it hopefully this weekend...

As for the pictures.. Im not sure about posting them,,besides is anyone REALLY interested in seeing the fat me?? lol hmmm i think i'll create a poll and see just that and decide from there..

well until later guys..



  1. Yes, you should. Sometimes it makes the weight loss more real to really see it. BTW, here is the address of Lisa's new site. She closed her old one down. http://inweighovermyhead.blogspot.com/

  2. Ty J and J, it really made me feel good to see your comment.. and ty so much for the link to Lisa's new site.