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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fat Grease Monkey Mom.. 1/3

Im going to write 2 posts today. The last couple days a question has been on my mind that has come to me from my friend Dawn's blog. Who am i?.. That question i will attempt to work out in my next post. This one is about my crazy day yesterday!

Ok so i got up yesterday morning with the intention of walking only to discover my car was COMPLETELY dead!! Im freaking out because 1, im majorly broke and 2. My car is my lifeline, you guys have no idea for how many years my friends heard me whine and cry, how many hours i spent praying, how much angst it caused me not having my own vehicle! Yes im married but in my case it's kind of like bieng a single parent with a roomate.. but im not even gonna go there. Ok so ive only had this car about a month, Half of which it was in the shop and i got hosed big time to the tune of 600 dollars, which put me far enough behind on my bills that yesterday morning i opened my door to an official from the electric company telling me he was there to turn my electric off!! I promptly gave him a check for 211.00 which completely emptied my bank account and leaves me wondering how im going to survive till Tuesday after this one when the next small pitance will come.. However, not goin into that either seeing as how tears are not really part of my plan for today.. so where was i?? O yeah..

Car dead.. We have a minivan and my husband was awake, so i told him what was going on and asked him to come out and give me a jump (as im secretly afraid of jumper cables, I have visions of me touching them to the engine and flying backwards through the air with my hair standing up on my head and black soot around my eyes, a stunned look on my face and hands fused to the cables). He was awake when i went out so i thought this was ok. Well i got these big rediculous sighs and you could tell i was "interrupting his much needed lay on his ass time. So i did what we all do, i said nevermind i'll figure it out for myself. I got in my car and drifted it backwards, ran and got van and put it in front of my car and out he comes in time to hook up the cables.

Ok so car started. YAY!! right? ok so i ran car, drove car round the block a couple times, called friend in philly to tell him what happened to me, and he promptly went into "help mode". he told me to park it by the house wait 5 mins and start it again. I did and guess what.. dead as a doornail! AGAIN!! Ok so i pulled myself together enough to not cry, i didnt want to ask my husband to help again so i decided i was going to do this all by myself. I got the van, and my friend walked me though it. I jumped my car, got it sarted again, backed it into a safe spot i could leave it for an extended period of time if need be, then i turned it off, then on again. DEAD!! omg!! ok so im thinking its the battery, my friend offered to locate a bank and put money in for me to get a battery if i needed it, but first i had to get the battery out. Ok so i go in the house for tools, my husbands there, he says,, whatcha doin? I said i think its my battery im going to take it out and go to autozone to have it tested. he didnt say a word!! I got the tools, went outside discovered i forgot my keys, went back to the house to get them, he's in the window, watching me.. hmm ok; (at this point i know your thinking what im thinking, is he going to offer to help?) so i get my keys, go back out, it took me about half an hour but i did it!! i got the battery out!! man was it heavy!! So i go back in the house to check my account and see if i even have enough to buy a cheap battery if thats what i need. This &*%@$!! walks into the living room, in MY pink slippers,, holding a freshly made bowl of cereal, and says. you need any help!!?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! (deep breath) I said, If you really wanted to help me, you could have come out.. etc etc.. im not even going there. We ALL see it for what it is right?

Where was I?? o ok, so i go to autozone, my friend calls me back while there, and between him and the 3 guys and a gal there, they decided, (my battery was fine) my next step should be cleaning any and all corrosion off the battery and the connectors. So they arm me with a bottle of coca cola, a bottle of water and some shop towels. I was afraid it wouldnt work but i did it, it took me an hour, but i scrubbed and whiped and rinsed, i struggled to set the battery back in the car, i turned the key.. and it STARTED!! omg!! i did the happy dance, i was sooooo proud of myself!! I did it!! ME!!! i fixed my car!! it may seem like nothing to some, but boy it felt good. I reassembled everything, which is harder than it seems cuz i kept dropping the stupid screws. I was dirty, but i did it!! I officially give myself the grease monkey mom patch!! O yeah right when i got everything done, HE (the husband) calls me to "check" on me!! I say again!! are you kidding me!!! Man all this happened before 10 a.m. lol and my day has just begun!! I have so much more to talk about but this post is getting long.. This is going to be a 3 post day lol..
you know.. it just occured to me, i was in a parking lot,, people kept looking at me but noone asked if i needed help, or if i was ok,, or anything.. Or maybe they were just stunned to see all this giant flat butt sticking out of the front end of my car LOL.. boy i wonder what i looked like!!


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