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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just another day...

Well as you can see i did go ahead and weigh myself. I'm down it looks like 4 pounds but i'm still kind of unhappy to be honest. I guess it's because i know it could have been better without the binge. I remember that i had a piece of pound cake with that half a chicken and green at midnight that night. It's weird how your mind will try and protect you from things you dont want to remember.. is it not? hmmm..

This past couple days ive been in a fog, or depression, i honestly don't know whats wrong. I haven't exercised, as a matter of fact, I slept yesterday from 6 in the evening until this morning and im still exhausted and numb. I have a walking in a fog feeling. Perhaps sensory overload. If my trainer teaches step class this evening, i will go. If not, i'm just going to go home and get in the bed again.

Foodwise, I can't say I'm on track, I pretty much just consume lots of fruit as its the easiest thing to eat without much thought. For lunch I have 2 turkey sandwhiches, the rest is fruit. A giant tub of watermelon, a banana, applesauce, an orange and an apple. Not that i'll eat all the fruit (probably most of it) but I like a variety. Im at school right now in the computer lab. Not much to say yet. Brains in a super fog.

I did however go on the coolest tour ever yesterday. We went to Consol Energy, and they have a field lab!! Ok i would just LOVE, LOVE LOVE to work in a field lab!! I'd be just like the person you see on tv way up on a mountain with a 4 wheeler drawing a sample of gas from a pipe, or going down into a mine to get a sample, or out onto a lake in a rowboat, or ontop of a smoke stack!! (aint sure how that ones gonna work cuz im deathly afraid of hieghts) but doesnt it just SOUND exciting!! I really hope i get my externship there, or at Sunoco. Well gonna keep my prayers going and fingers crossed.

Well it's time for me to get going.. Until later be blessed and happy.


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