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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brighter days...

I'm sooo tired but it's been a few days and you guys have been on my mind and so im determined to get this in!! It's been pretty crazy for me these past couple days. My family reunion's this weekend, of course i'm trying to deal with my "new plan" for food, working out and school. Allen you made me laugh so hard at your comment on my last blog. I KNOW im exasperating lol. I could almost see you shaking your head, Those who know me well all have that look and sigh.

So far things are going well. I downloaded the sparkpeople app on my phone to track my food and i must say it has been a HUGE help!! I can do it everytime i get a minute and it's really helping me to get in enough food. Well honestly, i'm not sure how much food is enough food with my workout regimine but for right now, i'm going to tackle one thing at a time. I'm getting in between 1500 and 1800 calories a day and it calculates the corresponding carbs, protien,and fat for within that range. I had been previously told by someone i was eatting to many carbs, ironically according to the food pyramid and this app, i'm consistantly too low in carbs. go figure..

anywho, I slowed down on the workouts, sorta, I was doing about 5 hours a day 4 days a week plus random stuff when i felt like it in addition. I am now doing about 2-3 hours, 4 sometimes 5 days a week. Now that is an improvement for me, I feel a little more rested, (been sleeping every chance i get), That extra 2 hours has taken away some of that "rush, rush" feeling i always had, so my workouts have a more relaxed and energized feel to them. I really like the boxing, it's such good cardio, even the shadow boxing.

I tried zumba too for the first time on thursday and a new spin class. The zumba was HILARIOUS!! I was wiggling and rolling all sorts of body parts were doing thier own thing. It was so much fun. I am sooo doing that again!! I'm pigeon toed and knock kneed,, that does not make for a pretty picture but it was certainly interesting!! The same instructor is also offering a spin class which she demo'd. I liked that too, it was different than the spinning im used to. She had us doing exercises while spinning and you really felt it. All in all i was pleased.

The family reunion was interesting for me. Noone knew who i was. people just kept walking past me and i had to like literally wait for the "light bulb" to go off over thier head as they recognized me. It was a weird feeling. When i finally got over bieng annoyed and wondering why noone was speaking to me and realized they just didnt recgonize me. I actually kind of enjoyed it.

well i could go on and on but im exhausted and sleepy, i want to read a few blogs too before i fall asleep. I have no idea how to calculate my food for the day. I worked out before so i should be ok but i had like a half a humburger, a half a cookie, a few greens, a spoonful of greenbeans.. It really was just a tasting for me. how do i track that for the day lol!! I don't think i did bad though. Food wasn't that great thats why i didn't finish anything, i was searching for edible fare!!

In regards to picnics and reunions and things like that, Are you calorie counting? If so, how do you keep track of calories and what your eatting there?


  1. Myself, generally at parties, picnics, etc. I do not count any calories. I do try and behave with my eating as best I can, but I don't track those events. I should add I do not count calories at all, well, once a month or so just to spot check. I do keep a food log, small notebook that fits into a shirt pocket. Here I write down what I eat, but I do not break it down into calories, or energy types. I log so that at the end of the day, or in looking back at recent days, I can see where I may have been 'off discipline' in my eating or exercise. I also log exercise in this note book. Back to parties, etc... at these I may nibble on & off for hours, so I dont kill myself trying to log each bit & bite. Instead I just make an entey like, Family Picnic, and I know that was an event where eating was a challenge. As I only hit 1-2 such events a month I believe I do little harm at these. But for someone who is a party animal, well then my approach may not work so well.

  2. If guests pay extra for food, I eat before I go, but bring something to nibble during pauses in conversation. Nuts, seeds, fruit, water.

    If meals are inclusive, I fast before I go, and plan ahead by looking up restaurant menus online or contacting event organizers.

    At the event I track portions in a notebook. Difficult to estimate calories in these situations.

    I limit/avoid white flour, refined sugar, dairy, fatty meat, and salty foods.

    I try to eat fun colourful things instead. Salmon, mango, olives...