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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Broccoli.. Natures little scrub brushes, or just scrub brushes in disguise!

It has been a super crazy few days!! I have been trying like mad to update but with my family reunion this weekend and computers down at school its been impossible!! So many things have been going on. I've been encouraged to get to know more of my family so i have embarked on a "facebook" hunt. My mom and auntie really hurt my feelings and treated me badly on Sunday, which had me stressed out and threw my eatting way off for 2 days!! Ive been dealing with husband issues. It's just been really hectic, but through it all, I have been adding my food to my application and ive learned a couple things..

1. If i find myself short on calories for the day, Trying to eat 1000 calories in one healthy meal is not a good idea!! I found that 9 p.m. on Sun. After the stressful day with my mom and aunt, i had only eatten 500 calories, so i ate 2 turkey sandwhiches, a pita pizza and a protien shake and an apple. I was sooo bloated and gassy and just felt yucky overall.

The next day was bad also. I was still so upset, I had to force myself to even drink the 90 calorie protien shake, (it has no carbs). Then by breaktime i still wasnt hungry but i ate 2 doughnuts out of emotion, I was frustrated and wanted to punish, 500 calories alone just for that, and then instead of damage control for the rest of the day, I wanted comfort so i ate 2 turkey burgers and spicy potatoe wedges of all things!! I ended that day with 2333 calories. I did workout though, I did the elliptical for 20 minutes, crossramp on 12 and resistance on 9 and i always make sure i keep my strides at least above 100 per min. I also did some weight training so i'm sure all was not a total loss.

2. Keeping track of my food helps to "see" and realistically assess what im putting in me. I notice where i need to add things and where i can subtract them or shuffle them so that i'm maximizing my food intake. I realized one of the reasons i don't like eatting so much is because it seems when i eat this amount of food on a regular basis, i get constipated and bloated. It hit me all of a sudden that i dont eat ANY vegtables. I avg. about having veggies 2 times a month, some months none. It hit me because a friend this past week referred to broccoli as natures "little scrub brushes". lol Now thats stuck in my head because my rebuttal was thats the problem!! They taste like scrub brushes with feet!! lol

3. This is REALLY hard for me. Ive had bouts of doubt and fear about eatting this much food on a daily basis, I'm afraid to weigh myself because my mind is convinced all this food will make me gain, so for the time bieng, i'm just gonna concentrate on eatting healthily and working out because i know in the long run THAT is whats going to be healthy for me.

4. I need to find a really accurate place to journal all my exercise so i can see the energy i'm expending in relation to the amount of food im putting in.

and finally ive discovered when i get enough sleep at night i feel fabulous the next day!! Problem is with my caseload, it's not always possible to get in the bed at a decent hour every night.

What do you think? Where can a person who HATES vegtables, add them to get all the benifits without the horrid taste and be able to get them in on a daily basis with a busy schedule? Do you eat as many as you should?

well spin class is calling me so i better go.. until later everyone!!


  1. when you are ready i can help

  2. will it hurt?? I'm already 2 yrs and over 150 lbs down into this, so the whole "starving myself thing, diet pills, cut out this food group or that" doesn't work.

    However, If you have something that will help and i can live a lifetime with. I am interested.

  3. Some vegetable haters liquidise them into shakes instead, but that needs a food mixer? Unfortunately for me I love vegetables but can never buy enough for RDA due to budget.